Our Team


A highly compassionate, dedicated, and experienced team to deliver our mission


Dr. M. Iqbal, Chief of Staff

Dr. Iqbal’s veterinary philosophy revolves around his belief that the foundation of good pet health and longevity lies in prevention and early detection of acute/chronic and degenerative diseases that are oftentimes deadly and costly to treat.

Dr. Iqbal has been a veterinarian since 1986 and also earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees from West Virginia University. He has been a post-doctoral fellow and an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for six years. He also served as Chief of Staff of two other hospitals in Towson and White Marsh areas for about 10 years.

He has won several awards, most notably: “the DVM of the year Award,” “National Freedom Award,” and “Hospital of the Year Award.”

Dr. Iqbal also serves on the board of Maryland’s biggest pet food bank for the homeless people and pets- “Thankful Paws”.He is a member of several associations like American Veterinary Medical Association, Greater Baltimore Veterinary Medical Association, Maryland Veterinary Medicine Association, and the Perry Hall and White Marsh Business Association.

Dr. Iqbal lives in Perry Hall with his wife, two daughters, son, and his Ragdoll cats, and parakeets. In his spare time he enjoys reading and spending time with his family.



Stephanie serves as Vet Tech and is also trained in all the other areas of the hospital. After a devastating experience of her family pet’s passing away with 4 different types of cancers, she decided to work with pets so she can educate pet owners help their pets live a happy, healthy, long, and full lives. In her spare time, she loves to play video games, watch favorite movies and TV shows with her boyfriend and four-legged rescued furry children- Jaxx and Lugnut. She wants to be a Licensed Vet Tech and intended to start her own Pit bull rescue one day.



Shelby serves as Vet Tech and is cross-trained in the other areas of the hospital. Since early childhood she wanted to work with pets because she felt a special connection with them. “Taking care of a sick pet get completely better, and knowing I helped to find out what was causing the illness is the best part of my job”, Shelby said. She has completed the Vet Assistant Diploma at CCBC in 2013. She wants to become a Licensed Vet Tech in future. After work Shelby’s life revolves around her 6 year old daughter and two furry kids- Marley and Blue.



Mandy started as a Vet Assistant/Client Customer Representative. She has been working with pets for about 8 years. She has completed a Veterinary Assistant Certificate and wanted to be a LVT/VT. Mandy dreams of having her own animal shelter or zoo. Outside of her job she loves to go four wheeling, jet-skiing, target shooting, and play video games. Mandy housed with two dogs- Peyton and Ace; 3 cats Munch, Me Me and Toes; and a rabbit- Hop.



Kristen works as Client Service Representative/Vet Assistant. “I have always had a fondness for pets and I’m grateful that my job here at family pet allows me to work with them regularly”, Kristen recalls. The favorite part of Kristen’s job is the satisfaction of knowing how many pets she helps on a daily basis. She intends to be involved in the endangered species wildlife conservation. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Biology. Outside of her job, Kristen loves traveling and desires to travel across the globe. Kristen has 2 dogs and 3 cats.



Asim serves as Vet Assistant/CSR. He helps in marketing and social media component of the practice. He also enjoys updating and troubleshooting electronics and other IT related devices at his work. He is a senior at Perry Hall High School. Asim has been looking forward to obtaining a bachelor degree in biology to pursue his ultimate goal to be a vet.



Erin serves as Vet Assistant/CSR. As animals can’t tell what is wrong with them and it takes a special person to be able to listen to an animal. “I feel listening to animals has always come natural to me, so caring for animals has always been my calling” Erin recalls. To become a Registered Vet Tech Erin is pursuing Vet Tech Program at the CCBC. She is the proud owner of 2 ferrets, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Between work and school Erin is also a licensed professional wrestler and can also be found in many Indy wrestling shows.



Yasmin serves as administrator of the Family Pet Hospital. Though Masters in Clinical Psychology her primary role is smooth and efficient operation of the practice. In addition, she manages accounts, payroll, Saving plans and everything else. She is a mother of three and compassionate pet lover. Yasmin lives in Perry Hall with her family including a furry member, Kashmir.