Our Mission

You + Your Pet + Us: Happy, Healthy, Longer Living PETS

Preventative Care

Preventative care is the hallmark of Family Pet Hospital. By focusing on prevention and early detection, we intend to prevent your pet from developing fatal and expensive diseases. This is accomplished with biannual well-pet Comprehensive Exams. Preventative Care includes, but is not limited to: vaccinations against common, expensive, and deadly diseases, internal organ function tests, urine testing, x-rays, thyroid screens, professional dental cleaning, and prevention of fleas/ticks and heartworm diseases. Absolute preventative care will go a long way to enhance the quality of life and longevity of your pet.

dog getting vaccine
child, doctor, and dog in exam

Partnering to Better Serve You and Your Pet

To better serve you and your pets, we believe in partnership when it comes to the decision making for your pet’s healthcare. Whether it’s about prevention or diagnostics/treatment options, your participation in every step of your pet’s healthcare process is important in order to help us cater to your pet’s individual and special needs. Partnership between pet owners and the veterinary staff helps us achieve the ultimate objective: happier, healthier, and longer living pets.

Pet Care at Low Affordable Monthly Payments

Our efficient technology and preventative medicine-based business model allows for affordability because it enables us to pass on more savings to pet owners without compromising the quality of care. Our custom designed preventative care packages, Saving Plans, help to achieve absolute preventative care at low affordable monthly payments to every age and stage of your pet’s life.

affordable pet care
lady and cat looking into camera

Convenience For You

Family Pet Hospital not only opens its doors on both days of the weekend (Saturdays & Sundays), but also remains open for extended evening hours throughout the week to fit the busy schedule of our clients. We also accept walk-ins and accommodate daytime emergencies. Our philosophy is to diagnose and treat your sick pet the same day and accommodate your healthy pet.

Diagnosing and Treating Your Pet Right Away!

Our capability to diagnose your pet’s illness right away sets us apart from other competitors. We take pride in diagnosing your pet at the “point of care” to start treating your pet right away without losing any time and unnecessary pain to the pet. Family Pet Hospital has made a tremendous investment in setting up and maintaining in-house state-of-the-art lab and other advanced diagnostic equipment.

cat getting ultrasound
doctor and dog smiling

Exceptional Customer Service

Our objective is to treat every pet the way we wish to be treated ourselves and to treat every pet as we would a member of our family – with kindness, empathy, and the best that modern veterinary science can provide. You will find courtesy is that contagious at Family Pet Hospital.