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What we offer for dentistry?


We have advanced equipment and techniques to perform not only routine dental cleaning, diagnose dental problems but also complex dental procedures like teeth extractions (simple or complex) and gingival flaps.

Why Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Does your furry friend have bad breath? Despite what many pet owners may believe, “dog breath” is not just a nuisance – it’s a sign of an unhealthy mouth and a sign of a major problem. Over time, bacteria lead to plaque and tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. The mouth is considered the gateway of the body. Bad teeth not only lead to dental diseases (tartar, gingivitis, periodontal diseases), but also affect internal organ systems, especially the kidneys and heart.

How can you afford Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Did you know our Platinum dog/cat SavingPlans® covers it all? These plans are not only affordable but also divide the cost of professional teeth cleaning over period of one year.