What Plan Should I Pick?

  • Choices to pick right SavingPlans® for your PUPPY

  • Choices to pick right SavingPlans® for your KITTEN

  • Choices to pick right SavingPlans® for your DOG

  • Choices to pick right SavingPlans® for your CAT


  • What are SavingPlans®?

    SavingPlans® are pre-bundled deeply discounted packages of services to provide absolute preventative care to your pet. They include Physical Exams, Comprehensive Exams, Vaccines, early screening diagnostics, and consultations for nutrition, weight management, dental care and much more.

  • Are SavingPlans® insurance?

    These plans are not insurance, they are way better! You never pay for the services you don’t use. SavingPlans® always provide the best services you pay for. Pet insurance offers coverage for many unpredictable conditions or circumstances, our preventive care approach permits us to diagnose, treat and prevent those problems before they become actual medical issue. Unlike insurance. SavingPlans® don’t have pre-existing conditions, deductibles, co-pays or waiting periods. Your coverages and discounts start right away.

  • Do I get any other discounts when I enroll on SavingPlans®?

    Yes. Discounts range from 10% to 20% depending on the plan. Discounts apply to nearly all products including but not limited to heartworm medicines, flea/tick medicines, shampoo/conditioners/lotions, and therapeutic diets.

  • How do SavingPlans® work?

    SavingPlans® are designed based on the life stages or health stages of your pets. Our team will work with you to determine which plan level is right for your pet. Our SavingPlans® include a package of preventive care services and discounts that have been designed to meet the needs of your pet based on his/her age and/or health stage. Although these plans for preventative care but the services of the plans can be used should your pet get sick- to name some office visits, intestinal parasite screen, internal organ function test, x-ray along with eligible discount up to 20%.

  • How do SavingPlans® work for my puppy or kitten?

    Puppies and kitten are more frequently seen during first year of their life. During the first visit, your veterinarian will assess your pet’s overall health and provide the first set of diagnostic tests, vaccines and deworming to protect your pet against a wide variety of diseases and infections. Over a period of one year, we may see your pet up to six times to provide all vaccines, boosters, spay or neuter surgery and deworming treatments that are included in your plan. If your puppy or kitten gets sick, you can always use your free office visits and/or services available including SavingPlans® discounts.

  • Why does my puppy or kitten need a SavingPlans®?

    Prevention is always better than cure. It’s a cost effective way to stay one step ahead of the game. It’s a great policy to establish a habit of preventive care for your puppy or kitten when they are very young. Enrolling your pet on SavingPlans® ensures that he or she gets all of the vaccines and boosters that are critical to embark on a healthy life. We will go thorough evaluation of your puppy or kitten’s overall health, including diagnostic testing to identify disease, parasites and infections. Our Puppy/Kitten SavingPlans® include a spay or neuter surgery to help your pet live a healthier, happier and longer life.

  • Why does my young, healthy adult pet need a SavingPlans®?

    Pets of all ages, sizes need regular, continuous preventive care to stay healthy. Pets age about seven years for every human year and many hide problems or pain, so regular preventive care is important at any age.  Optimum nutrition and regular exercise are important, but young, adult pets also need regular veterinary care for protection against parasites, infections and diseases. Our SavingPlans® include an established standard of care that’s just right for your dog or cat. These plans allow your pets to be seen for comprehensive system-wise evaluation at least twice a year. We’ll be able to identify and treat issues early, before they become more serious and harder to address. You know your dog and cat, and we can help you keep them at their great health.

  • How do I pay for SavingPlans®?

    You can divide the cost of your SavingPlans® in 12 months. Your monthly payments can be automatically charged to a credit card so that you don’t have to worry about them once you enrolled. You can save additional 5% when you pay in full.

  • Can I change the level of my plan during the plan year?

    If our veterinarian determines it is appropriate to change the level of your Plan, we will set your plan to renew to the desired level for the next plan year. There are situations where it important to move the plan to a higher level right away. For example, your pet may need additional care that is available on a higher plan level. In that situation, we can stop the current plan and upgrade your pet to a higher plan level. Generally if you want to move to a lower plan level (downgrade) before your current plan is over, it is best to wait until the plan renews if services have been used.

  • I have more than one Pet. Am I eligible for any other additional discounts?

    Yes. As a SavingPlans® member you can also get $15 discount on the membership fees of all subsequent pets you enrolled. You may be eligible for additional 2% on services and/or products on our Royalty Reward program, if eligible.

  • How do I cancel my SavingPlans®?

    Plan services are provided at deep discounts under an annual agreement. Agreements may be cancelled at any time. However, under the monthly payment option, services may have been provided that have not been fully paid for. In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan minus payments paid until at that point.

  • Are these Plans Transferable to others?

    SavingPlans® are not transferable, so it should be cancelled per cancellation policy. If pet remains within the family then new client can sign a new plan without paying “start up fee”. We recommend to cancel the existing contract and start on a new contract and financial information.

  • How do I enroll my pet on SavingPlans®?

    It’s very easy and takes only few minutes to enroll you the plan. We need your credit card and your driver license to enter in your system. We also require a secondary credit card on file as a backup.

  • Can I co-sign a plan with my partner or friend or other family member?

    Yes. You can sign individually or co-sign with your partner, friend or any other family member. Should you decide to do so co-signer is required to sign the agreement as well.

  • Can I enroll my pet by email, phone, or other electronic communication?

    Although you can submit your pet’s info via email or other means but for financial info to put in our system and sign an agreement your presence at our location is required.

  • What if my pet is not in the picture any more, can I transfer that plan to another pet?

    No. Each plan is specific to each Pet. We would need to follow the cancellation procedure, and determine if the client can cancel with or without any further payments. Because they utilize services over the year term, clients may have some liability at the pet’s death. Every case is unique, and we always strive to do what’s best for the client and our practice.

Explanation of Services

Details of Services
Office visits Office visits can be used for well pet visits or sick pet visits any time during the term of the SavingPlans®.
Comprehensive Exam Detailed system wise exams are scheduled twice a year to make sure your pet is healthy.
Heartworm screen Heartworm is a deadly disease and is checked using in-house SNAP 4Dx Plus test.
3 Tick-born Disease screen Lyme, Ehrlichiasis and Anaplasmosis screen in an attempt to early diagnosis of three other tick-born diseases.
Ear Swab & microscopic test This test helps us finding whether or not your pet has ear infections and/or ear mites.
Intestinal parasite screen SavingPlans® allows us to screen your pet for intestinal parasites- roundworms, hookworms, coccidia, whipworms, tapes, and others.
Deworming Preventative treatment of most common intestinal parasites is included in your plan.
Vaccines All core vaccines, which our veterinarians recommend are included in these plans.
Interstate Health Certificate Traveling with your pet? Interstate Health Certificate signed by FDA accredited veterinarian is included in your plan.
Professional Teeth Cleaning Professional Teeth cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment will keep your pet from dental diseases like tartar, dental calculus, gingivitis, tooth root abscess, periodontal disease.
To make anesthesia safer for your pet we use extensive monitoring equipment:
Electrocardiogram (ECG), Pulse Ox (oxygen purity), heart rate, BP, body core temp, respiration rate, mucus membrane color, and a dedicated vet tech.
Internal Organ Function Screen Helps us early detection of Liver, Kidney, Diabetes, Calcium, Phosphorus, cholesterol abnormalities before they become deadly and expensive to treat. This is also a part of comprehensive blood work we performed before any anesthetic procedure to make sure your pet is healthy internally.
Red, White Cells, Diff Count These tests help us find out any blood related abnormalities like anemia or other blood cell abnormalities.
Complete Urine tests For the health of urinary tract SavingPlans® have complete urinalysis strip tests, pH, specific gravity, microscopic sedimentation exams.
X-ray (2 views) These can be done on any parts of the body if pet is sick. In healthy pet this is reserved for monitoring of any of the chest and/or abdomen.
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Important tool to diagnose any condition associated with the cardiac rhythm for baseline or early detection of cardiac problems.
Spay/Neuter Whether your pet is having spay (female) or neuter (male) your plan covers hospitalization, pre-anesthetic exam & blood work, pre- & intra- operative pain injections, surgical procedure, induction, intubation, anesthesia, IV catheter/fluid, monitoring and recovery. If our veterinarians recommend some medicines to prevent potential post-op pain and/or infection, these meds may be discounted based on the level of your pet’s plan level.
Blood Pressure Helps in the diagnosis and effective treatment of cardiac, thyroid, and renal diseases.
Feline Leukemia Test Feline leukemia is a deadly and highly contagious disease, screening of which is a part of your kitten/cat plan.
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Test Feline aids screening test is included in your plan for the early diagnosis of this fatal disease.
Thyroid Screen Thyroid disease is very common in cats, this provides a tool to early diagnose such condition.
Glaucoma Screen Intra ocular pressure helps diagnose glaucoma early on.