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You can Print your $20 Reward Card. Also, you can notify your friend/family of their FREE 1st Pet Exam & Consultation via email.



Loyalty Reward


Ask at the front desk for eligibility to activate this discount, starts immediately once eligibility is inquired and established, applicable to all services and products for non SavingPlans® clients, for SavingPlans® members discount will be applied to the services only, can’t be combined with SavingPlans® discounts on the products, loyalty reward is valid as long 3 active pets under the same ownership will be maintained with us (minimum 2 visits/yr for dogs and 1 visit/yr for cat will be considered active pet).

Dog2Cat Reward


This reward is for those clients bringing their dogs but not their cats for preventative care to Family Pet Hospital, offer good for 1st visit only, ask this reward at the front desk, can’t be combined with any other discounts or offers.